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Verifone Vx810 Duet

The modularity of the Vx810 allows for a variety of options, including contactless payment, a base unit with a printer and modem to make it a complete payment device, and a privacy shield for added consumer protection


Acclaimed Vx Solutions Reliability and Security Guarantees Extra Protection

  • Runs on Verix-based platform, proven in millions of VeriFone VxSolutions installed worldwide
  • Has exceptionally reliable magnetic stripe and smart card readers to reduce read errors
  • Is PCI PED approved for secure, reliable PIN entry on debit transactions
  • Has received EMV Level 1 and 2 Type Approval for smart card transactions
  • Provides end-to-end SSL security and supports the latest security options—including 3DES encryption, and Master/Session and DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction) key management
  • Relies on VeriShield file authentication to help stop fraud and misuse, such as downloading rogue files or physical tampering
  • Hardware and software application separation minimizes or eliminates the need to recertify existing payment applications every time an application is added or modified

Flexibility and Future-Proofing Can Put You Years Ahead to Safeguard Your Investment

  • Includes an SDIO expansion port to simplify upgrades to contactless or other emerging technologies—without replacing PIN pad
  • Contactless module accepts both EMV and mag-stripe contactless payments for ultimate global flexibility
  • Provides for a wide range of connectivity via a single connector— including RS-232, USB, and optional Ethernet—to accommodate nearly any ECR and fit most merchant needs
  • Offers the option of adding a base unit with a printer and modem that transforms the PIN pad into an
    all-in-one payment solution
  • Extensive memory (6 MB standard, 12 MB or 20 MB optional) to support multiple applications, including revenue-producing value-added solutions
  • Uses 200 MHz, 32-bit, ARM 9 processor—the industry’s fastest—for trouble-free multitasking

Ultra Sleek PIN Pad Puts Everything at Your Customer’s Fingertips

  • Ergonomic shape and silver casing holds high consumer appeal
  • Offers 128 x 128, high-resolution display with white backlighting for enhanced readability and branding opportunities
  • MAXui design provides a large keypad and screen without wasted space
  • Programmable function keys and on-screen prompts add to the Vx810’s outstanding usability
  • Works well as either a handheld or a counter/poll-mounted device, offering flexibility in placement
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