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Vx670 WIFI

Verifone Vx670 WIFI

  • Breakthrough design makes this the smallest
    purpose - built payment device
  • Ideal for restaurant or hospitality operations
  • Built-in security protections guard against fraud
    and misuse
  • PCI PED approved for PIN - based debit


Breakthrough Wireless Design

  • Designed through our Purpose Inspired Design program specifically for wireless, customer-facing, handheld payment with a choice of WIFI connectivity option
  • VeriFone's MAXui design provides largest user interface for an allin-one payment system and the
    industry's smallest overall size for maximum ease of use

Unprecedented Usability

  • 38 mm diameter paper roll with trouble-free, drop-in, "clam shell" loading and dual-tear bar so receipts can be ripped in any direction
  • Large 128 x 128 display with increased resolution, anti-glare screen, and high-contrast white backlighting for easy readability under diverse lighting conditions
    Large, well-placed, blue backlit keys with improved tactile response to simplify usage and minimize
    finger slips
  • Quiet, fast thermal printer with rear placement to maximize user interface area
    Vertical mag-stripe card reader with contoured blade for optimal card reading
  • Optional "Hands-free" holster fits onto server's or clerk's belt so POS device can be quickly removed and handed
    to customer

Exceptional Performance and Functionality

  • Powerful 32-bit ARM9 processor completes transactions in seconds
  • High-capacity 7.2 volt 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery can be quickly swapped with one hand
  • Standard base for drop-and-go charging or optional full-featured base with spare battery charging; also contains USB ports for connection to dial back-up
  • Rounded corners and drop resistance to three feet on concrete floor to minimize breakage
  • Sealed MSR blade locks out moisture for outstanding spill resistance

Unmatched Security

  • PCI PED approved for debit and other PIN-based transactions
  • EMV Level 1 and 2 Type Approved
  • Other security protections include tamper-resistant construction, SSL protocols and VeriShield file

Communication Technology

670 WIFI:
Merchant must have existing internet installed. There is no minimum speed requirement for internet service.

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