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Get the POS West Advantage

We don't believe in hidden fees. What you see is what you get. We promise to offer you the most competitive credit card rates in the country. If you are currently accepting payments through another company please give us a call. We can prepare a comparison proposal between your current provider and POS West.

POS West is one of the biggest companies in Canada to offer:
Interac (Debit)
American Express
Major Gift Cards (Eigen and Givex)

We also offer integrated pin pads, Virtual Terminals and eCommerce processing. With our vast experience and expertise we will provide you with the best equipment and work with many payment processors to get the best rates for your business!

If you have a current POS system from Squirrel, AM/PM or other providers we may be able to integrate a pin pad into your current POS terminal. This streamlines your business enabling you to process customers faster.

If you accept the majority of your electronic payments via the phone or mail, you are manually entering these transactions into a physical terminal. This is time consuming and also increases the risk of input errors. A Virtual terminal may be the solution for you. You don't need to have a POS terminal; all of your transactions can be processed with the click of a mouse.

Virtual terminals also allow you the flexibility to organize and manage recurring payments. You can add as many employee logins as you wish and allow each employee access according to your preference. There is also 24 hour access to your transaction reporting so that you can manage and analyze sales at your convenience. If this sounds like an option best suited to your business, give us a call to discuss how to get started today.

What makes POS West different from the rest? We offer 24/7 service after the installation! Some companies don't offer any service after they sell you equipment. If something does breaks down it takes most of our competitors up to a week to ship a new terminal to your site. We have technicians in the majority of all major centres to do same day service. If you are outside a major centre, we will do everything possible to get you up and running same or next day. It's our POS West promise to minimize your downtime. We're in business for you.

Reporting is always available. If you have any questions regarding your settlements, our Settlement Department is open Monday thru Friday 9am to 5:30pm MST.
We offer online access to debit and credit processing detail to assist you with:
  • tracking and analyzing your sales
  • balancing and reconciling made easy
  • reducing your cost and conserving your time
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