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Gift Cards

One Card So Many Possibilities!

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As gift cards bring in more sales and transaction data gives businesses a better understanding of their customers, their needs may change, but they can continue depending on Our smart products to meet their new objectives

  • New revenue sources from online gift card sales and the corporate incentive market
  • Promotional capability to drive customer traffic using coupons and Campaign Manager

Reloadable Gift Cards = Repeat Business

  • For customers, reloading and paying by gift card is the preferred choice, especially for quick service restaurants, or when using gift cards as a budgeting tool.
  • Reloads can be performed on-site at an integrated POS or online using one of the modules available for the┬áCustomer WebSuite (CWS) platform.
  • Using the online module, a customer can manually reload their card or setup a system of automatic reloads which will reload their card at set intervals (i.e. weekly, monthly) or whenever the balance falls below a specified threshold.

Card Loss Protection

  • Our Gift Cards protects customer card balances by providing a mechanism for cardholders to register their cards. This service is provided via a website powered by the┬áCustomer WebSuite (CWS) platform.
  • Cardholders fill out a custom web form. Once registered, if the card is lost or stolen, customers are able to log into the site at anytime to place their card on hold in real time and prevent it from being used. Customers can then either pick up a new card in-store and transfer the existing balance onto the new card, or request one from you online to be fulfilled in-house or through Our fulfillment services.
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